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PATH Celebrates Opening of Sustainable Apartments in San Francisco

Ribbon-cutting at the Folsom/Dore Apartments complex. Citizens Housing Corporation hosted a grand opening celebration on April 20 for the Folsom/Dore Apartments project. PATH recommended energy-efficient technologies and low-impact development practices for the project.

The apartment complex provides 98 units of quality, affordable housing for low- and very low-income residents with a variety of special needs.

New Tech Set: Durable Building Envelope

Who says adopting innovative technologies has to be hard? PATH's Tech Sets offer a way to implement innovative technologies in manageable, systems-based packages.

The second PATH Tech Set shows a system-based package that improves the durability of the building envelope.

The second PATH Tech Set, "Durable Building Envelope Details for New Construction or Additions," shows how to improve the durability of the foundation, walls and roof that separates conditioned and unconditioned spaces.

The first Tech Set demonstrates how to lower construction costs through effective systems integration of the water distribution and used water (greywater) recycling network.

**Look for a new Tech Set each quarter.**

NAHB Research Center announces Scholar-in-Residence program.

From Concept to Design in 2005: PATH is taking the next step with the Concept Home. What is your vision of the home of the future? Take this survey and let us know. Read the four-part series on implementing Concept Home ideas.

Leading Technologies: Learn about PATH's Top Ten Technologies.

PATHnet is the central information source for the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH), a program supported by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. PATHnet offers a wealth of tools and information to help you to integrate advanced housing technologies into your project.

Content updated on 4/28/2005

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