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SUBJECT: insulation over vaulted ceiling
DATE: 2/21/2002 9:18:00 AM


During a recent remodel, the family
room ceiling was raised to create a
vaulted ceiling. An LVL beam was
installed under the existing ridge beam
to carry the roof load and 2x8 nailers
were installed from the LVL beam out to
the exterior wall top plate. This
created about a 2-foot space at the
ridge, which narrowed to about 10
inches at the top plate. The space
between the nailers was fitted with r-
19 kraft paper backed fiberglass
batts. No plastic vapor barrier was
installed. 1x6 tongue groove pine was
then nailed up as the finished
ceiling. Continuous ridge and soffit
vents along with baffles at the soffit
were also installed. Problem is that
moisture is condensing on the cold roof
sheathing and dripping onto the room.
One suggestion, in order to stop warm
moist air from migrating up through the
ceiling boards, is to install foiled
faced rigid foam board as a vapor
barrier against the fiberglass
insulation. Of course, the ceiling
would have to be replaced. An outside
contractor who insisted that there
would be proper venting and insulation
for moisture control, did the original
work. Thanks for any advice.



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