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SUBJECT: exposure to abestos, property manager failed to re
DATE: 8/7/2001 12:11:00 PM


My name is Shery. I live in a building
for the disabled, and there have been
serious repairs needed for a long time.
My ceiling looks like its going to cave
in, the dry wall has chipped away and I
believe I have exposed to abestos
poisioning. O9ther tenants roofs have
been leaking. I have to put a 25 gallon
trash can to catch the rain pouring
through. Some tenants have walls of
mold growing on their walls others have
inches of water on the carpet. some say
they have water coming through the
I have slept directly underneath this
I always keep my sliding glass door
open so I have a breeze. I'm really
scared I may get cancer I've read it is
the most horrible cancer to get. I'm so
traumatized over this its making me
throw-up and I've tried to get help and
haven't been successful.I called cal-
osha, air quality management department
and the enviromental protection agency,
labs that do testing but I'm disabled
I'm on a very limited income. My
property manager has'nt done anything
for years now after at least 6 requests
to do so, and I have told 3 managers
thus far.Should I go to thye hospital
and get tested for abestos poisioning?
Should I move? Should I get a Lawyer? I
can't afford a lawyer! If you are
unable to help me do you know anyone
who can. I don't want the property
manager to know I said anything because
should they evict me in retaliation I
have no where to go. I am terrified of
being homeless!! It can get very, very
scary and cold when you have to sleep
outside. And everyone looks down on
homeless people, That/s traumatizing as

Sheryn Shipman

Please do not hesitate to call me @{562}



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