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SUBJECT: water in basement
FROM: PATTY pfunaro@legis.state.ia.uw
DATE: 6/19/2001 6:03:00 PM


I purchased a home that was built in
1941. The sellers told me that they
had installed a retaining wall and
drain and that the basement had no
water problems, even though my
inspection showed evidence of prior
water and i asked them specifically
about this ( and they still denied any
problem). Anyway, i have lived there
10 months and with spring and summer
the rains have arrived and i have water
in the basement. The water seems to be
coming both from the outside, due to
improper grading(?) and from under the
basement floor through the space where
the wall and floor meet. So, it seems
that i may need to have both regrading
done and some sort of french drain and
sump put in. Any ideas? what is the
usual cost of a french drain and sump
for 900 sq.ft.? Even though the water
is a relatively small amount, the walls
are moist and mold is developing and i
am allergic to mold--so unless i fix
the problem, the whole basement is
useless to me. thanks for any info.



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