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SUBJECT: Erie-Ellington Homes?
DATE: 6/28/2000 8:36:00 AM


Does anyone know about the technologies
used in these homes below?

BOSTON, Massachusetts, June 28, 2000
(ENS) - A cluster of energy efficient
homes in a low income housing
development in Boston were dedicated
Sunday by the Department of Energy

The Erie-Ellington Homes are expected
to use 50 percent less energy, and cost
25 percent less to build than
comparable homes. "This is an exciting
showcase of how the Department of
Energy, alongside its industry
partners, are re-engineering the
American home," said Energy Secretary
Bill Richardson. "These homes cost no
more to build than conventional homes,
and homeowners can look forward to
saving on their heating and cooling
costs each year." The Erie-Ellington
homes can use downsized heating and
cooling equipment because of better
insulation. The project cost less than
the typical price for building low
income housing in Boston. The homes
feature durable, low maintenance
materials, high quality windows and
Energy Star appliances. Through the
cooperation of local utilities and the
Energy Star program, more than 18 high
efficiency lights were incorporated
into each unit at no additional cost,
and rebates and lower purchase prices
were obtained on energy efficient
appliances. The 50 duplexes and tri-
plexes in the Erie-Ellington Homes will
also provide healthier indoor
environments. Volatile organic
compounds in carpets, paint and floors
have been reduced by 25 percent to 60
percent, and above average ventilation
is provided. Several units have already
been completed and residents are
already moving in. No taxpayer money
was used to subsidize the construction.



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