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SUBJECT: RE: RE: New Millennium Coating Makes Paint Obsolete.
DATE: 8/16/2000 11:26:00 PM


Dear Lynn:

We have 12 years of testing and proof of
ENERCHRON's performance. What this
product is able to do is reduce exterior
surface temps. to a constant level of
just 3 to 15 degrees F. above outside
air temp., without gain due to normal
surface dirt buildup. This can be as
much as an 80 degrees. F. drop in
overall delta T to the wall and roof
(depending on location). As you know by
dropping the delta T that much of a
building or AC unit envelope will
greatly effect temp. gain.

On rooftop HAVC units we have reduced
total supply and return air temps a
total of 7 to 15 degrees F. by dropping
the delta T of the units housing. The
temp. across the coil will remain the
same. What happens is that the temp.
curve of the coil drops, which has
increased the cold air performance of
the units from 20% to 60%.

I can understand your point of view
Lynn, but it really works. I would be
happy to provide you or anyone with test
docs. s



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