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SUBJECT: RE: Vinyl Window Bond to stucco
FROM: YOUNGKEIT guruofhousing
DATE: 4/3/2000 1:10:00 AM


If the plaster contractor can't solve
this one try this: A wide goob of
caulking may be unsightly. If the gap
is wide, find a third material in a
narrow strip, like 1/4 to 1/2 wide of a
complimentary or matching color. It can
be vinyl or painted metal, or??? miter
the fit at the corners, then apply a
strip of clear silicone rubber caulk
filling the gap with the goop. Do one
side at a time then apply the prefitted
narrow strip over the wet goop. If any
oozes out, quickly wipe the excess off
with a damp paper towel,then use a
little less on the other sides. Do the
other sides. Tape all strips in place
overnight until the silicone rubber



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