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SUBJECT: RE: LA High Hazard Construction Approaches
DATE: 1/19/2000 11:16:00 AM


1. Talk with Dick Whitaker at ICFA
about your plans. The local home
builder associations may be able to
assist (see contacts below) also. I
would be interested to learn what
additional foundation (piles, beams,
cost, etc.) work may be needed for such
an installation.

2. Besides foundation issues, you should
give consideration to potential insect
infestation. While documented cases are
few, the Formosan termite is a
formidable detractor.

3. If you are interested in frame
construction approaches to high hazard
construction, you may wish to contact
the Blue Sky Foundation of North
Carolina, Inc. Much of what they have
determined is not new to builders in
South Louisiana but worth the look.

4. A concrete dome home built on an
outer isle off Charleston, SC after the
previous home was destroyed in a
hurricane weathered the next year's
hurricane well (consistent with
aerodynamic shape). The US DOE's Energy
Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Clearinghouse (EREC) has a Technical
Brief I helped develop on "Dome Homes"
that lists several sources (e.g.,
American Integrity (FL)).

5. In each case, however, it would be a
good idea to review the Florida Building
Code guidelines for buildings
constructed in tidal zones. As
previously mentioned, wall elements
subject to storm surges must be
constructed such that they minimize
damage to neighboring structures.
A common approach in Florida is to build
with concrete block at these grade-level
locations, then lighter, more flexible
systems above.

With the right site and plan, you may be
able to put in a porte-cochere for both
your automobile and Lafitte skiff! I'm
familiar with Avery Island--I regret I
was never equipped to handle a squall on
big water like Vermilion Bay, Lake
Borgne, etc. Keep in touch.

Cameron Duncan, Architect
NAHB Research Center, Inc.

Insulated Concrete Foundation/Form'g
1807 Glenview Road, Suite 203
Glenview, IL 60025
(847) 657-9730, Fax: (847) 657-9731
Dick Whitaker, President

Blue Sky Foundation of North Carolina,
1117 Manchester Drive
Raleigh, NC 27069
(919) 786-0777, Fax: (919) 786-1506

National Association of Homebuilders
1201 15th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005-2800

Carla Gonsoulin
Iberia Home Builders Association
(# 1940)
P.O. Box 11106
New Iberia, LA 70562-1106
(318) 365-0075, Fax: (318) 365-9557

Judy Keller
Acadian Home Builders Association
P.O. Box 60486
Lafayette, LA 70596-0486
(318) 981-3053, Fax: (318) 988-5096

Stella Munnerlyn
St. Landry Home Builders Association
(# 1981)
P.O. Box 7269
Opelousas, LA 70571-7269
(318) 585-2027, Fax: (318) 585-0252

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Enegy
Clearinghouse (EREC)
(800) 363-3732



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