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SUBJECT: Durability Protocol
DATE: 9/29/1999 12:14:00 AM


The NAHB and HUD have a joint venture called PATH. They
want a standard evaluation process for deciding whether
a new product or process improves or degrades the
durability of a new home. The evaluation process is
called a protocol. Since spring of this year, the
Protocol is being written and upgraded by teams of
reviewers. The first team of reviewers numbered 400
nationwide. The second team of reviewers numbered 65. I
was one of them. The conference in 4.5 weeks will have
big wheel speakers from a broad spectrum of the housing
The promoters envision a non-binding evaluation method
eventually becoming binding. The U.S. only scope is
hoped to become an ISO 9000 international scope.

I personally fought the whole thing. The most famous
Quality expert of the century, William Edwards Demming,
said that quality comes from responsibility, not
protocol. He fought his lifetime to replace protocols
with production teams. They know and can correct the
weakest link of their products. Why pay a laboratory to
determine the same knowledge? I promote the following
for durability:

Dean Youngkeit 21 North 100 East Willard, Utah 84340
(435)734 0681



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