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SUBJECT: RE: Panelized Walls
DATE: 7/20/1999 4:25:00 PM


Dan, back in January 1997 at the NAHB show in Houston,
two identical homes were constructed in the parking
lot. One was built using traditional stick built
methods and the other using panelized construction.
This was sponsored by the Wood Truss Council of America
(WTCA), in cooperation with NAHB, the Canadian Wood
Council and the Canadian Wood Truss Association. The
event was called "Framing the American Dream". You can
see the comparison in costs and time by going to
Also a good resource on this subject is the WTCA at

I personally used panelized construction while working
for a major production homebuilder. We built
everything from small townhomes to 9000 sqft homes
using this method. Our panels and trusses were
manufactured by our own factory. However, there are
many firms out there skilled in converting your plans
to panels. I can say it definately cuts down on waste
and increases speed of construction. In addition your
workforce does not have to be as skilled to follow a
panel layout than if you stick frame everything. It is
more difficult sometimes to initiate design changes
when panelizing but I think overall, it is a very
viable alternative. If you would like to discuss this
subject further, please call the Homebase Hotline at
800-898-2842 between 8:30 and 6:00 EST M-F or check out
our website at



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