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SUBJECT: RE: ISO 9000 definition
DATE: 6/18/1999 8:41:00 AM


ISO 9000 a standard for the operation of a quality
control system. It is internationally recognized and
adopted by the U.S. as well as virtually every country
worldwide and applies universally to all industries,
including residential construction.
ISO 9000 is not a specification or quality level.

The ISO 9000 approach requires that acceptable results
be documented in the form of specifications. ISO 9000
also requires that a company define a quality process
to consistently get those results.

Then ISO 9000 requires self-inspection to rigorously
assure strict conformance to the specifications for the
process as well as the results.

When nonconformances are found, ISO 9000 requires that
the cause be found and corrected to prevent future
recurrences. These are all part of the quality system
that registered companies have verified by third party
audits every 6 months. If a registered company's
quality system has broken down their registration is

The American Society for Quality has overview
information on
ISO has more details on
We have some ISO 9000 related articles at

At this time no homebuilders are ISO 9000 certified for
residential construction. There are several ISO 9000
implementations underway.



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