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SUBJECT: RE: design focus
DATE: 3/21/1999 11:49:00 PM


There is innovative thinking out there that does need
to be brought to a technical clearing house. Instead,
people are writing this forum about an innovative idea
that worked for everyone else but them.
You see the common house builder totally ignore the
great strides forward by research organizations at HUD,
N.A.H.B., and the U.S. Forest Service. These
organizations' leaders don't want someone blaming them
if their structural insulated panels are falling apart
because of humidity and failure to follow normal good
roofing practices.
The great strides forward are the T.F.S. technology
of 20 years ago and the "OVE" or Optimum Value
Engineered framing that no one uses after about 15
The TFS framing system encouraged windows on 2'
centers and other openings at the gable ends where
heavy headers are not required. The lack of horizontal
studs invite tall narrow windows that span the floor
levels, even combining an upper window with a skylight
with bent glass. These options open the door to other
Where do you find these "leadership" organizations
publicizing that the most house per dollar in extreme
weather resistance and in utilities and upkeep is a two
story circular shape? Where do you find an optimized
value manual for any shape?
Why is there cut throat competition between stick
builders and factory house builders? I believe the two
working together can get a synergistic benefit for both
if politicians stay out of their way.
Fan costs for an average new home require $20 - $35/
month for hot and cool air blowing on top of the
heating or cooling devise cost. Proper engineering can
enhance the orphaned idea about gravity fed air
movement strong enough for air filtration without a
The previous writer is correct in claiming that
"Technology in the housing industry,
is way ahead of the forms that are created with these

Dean Youngkeit
21 North 100 East
Willard, Utah 84340-0041
(435) 734-0681




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