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SUBJECT: RE: RE: RE: Warmboard radiant heat floor
DATE: 3/22/1999 11:19:00 PM


Gravity fed heat has the exhaust chimney inside the
distribution "chimney" or vertical distribution trunk.
The air filter in the winter is at basement floor level
just above the cool air returns at the bottom of the
"trunk". It is relocated at springtime to the upper
ceiling level to filter cool air descending from the
roof level by itself. The same trunk line services both
heating and cooling. When there is no demand load, and
air circulation is desired, the trunk line air will not
move either direction unless assisted by a small
assisting, not counter flowing, fan. Heating and
cooling can use the same reversable fan. Zero demand
loads occur mostly at the equinox times of the year and
are a small percentage of the year.
Cooled air at the top needs only 23 feet of vertical
travel for a gravity force equal to a fan.
The temperature at the window surface, if cool, will
force the air down. If you feel the outside heat at
that surface, the gravity force will take it up. With
both movements enhanced instead of countered, you will
find the cooling or heating registers at the same
place, but not under the window. If you don't agree
with this, find a university physics professor and be
prepared to get out of the sheet metal business and get
in to the politically correct heating (HVAC) business.

Dean Youngkeit
21 North 100 East
Willard, Utah 84340-0041
(435) 734-0681



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