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DATE: 3/3/1999 8:56:00 AM


Your representation of ACQ as a non-toxic preservative
is still in my opinion misleading. You state that ACQ
sawdust is not hazardous.

The Material Safety Data Sheet for ACQ wood states
otherwise. Your readers should also know that your
group is recommending a product which is diclaimed by
the manufacturer. I am holding a brochure on ACQ
produced by CSI (Chemical Specialties Inc.), the
manufacturer of the ACQ chemical. After many wonderful
things are said about ACQ in the brochure the following
statement appears--

"The information contained herein is intended to
provide general guidance only and does not constitute
legal advice. Please consult legal or environmental
counsel to determine how laws apply to your specific
situation. CSI disclaims any and all liabilities for
any damages, losses, costs, expenses, claims, fines or
penalties of any nature whatsoever arising out of, or
in connection with, any use of, or reliance upon this

Does this disclaimer sound as if the manufacturer has
confidence in the product? I believe that any
reasonably minded individual would question why your
group is recommending such a product. I will be happy
to send a copy of the brochure to anyone that requests
it from me. My question to you is, how could your
group not see this disclaimer or ignore it. Has
your group asked for an explanation from CSI as to
why they disclaim their ACQ product? How can you
continue to recommend this product?

I look forward to your comments.



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