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SUBJECT: RE: Framing:Optimum Value Engineering Manual?
DATE: 3/2/1999 11:34:00 AM


There are a few resources you should take a look at
regarding OVE/Advanced Framing. One is called Cost
Effective Home Building, available from us at NAHB
Research Center (800-638-8556 x517 to order). The EEBA
Builders Guides (4 climate-specific versions - 3
available now - also have some info on
this subject. Fine Homebuilding magazine has done a
couple articles I know of:
Framing Corners, January 1998 and Economical Framing,
Oct./Nov. 1993 ( - click on Fine
Homebuilding, or 800-888-8286).

Regarding code approval, most or all of the basic
techniques are allowed (I believe) by at least the CABO
and BOCA model building codes, perhaps the others as
well. Of course, local approval may be another issue,
but the fact that the techniques are in the model codes
and have been used successfully should help with that

The Building Science Corporation, among others, has
been working with a number of builders under DOE's
Building America program: and
x.html. These sites have listings/links to various
builders with whom they are working.

From what I've heard from the Building Science Corp.
people, a critical element in the success of an
OVE-framed house is the preparation of very detailed
plans that show the framers where every stick goes.
This, of course, involves more work up-front in the
design phase but would likely pay off in proper and
perhaps faster execution, and should also pay off in
terms of eliminating framing errors that cost time and
money later, such as when you find out that the toilet
flange sits right over a joist (#*&%!).



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