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SUBJECT: RE: building a steel frame home
DATE: 2/26/1999 6:17:00 PM


In regards to your question concerning a "booming"
sound in a steel framed floor system. The answer is
yes and no. In a two-story second floor condition
where the underside of the floor joists are drywalled
and the floor is sheathed with 3/4" ply, you should
(if framed properly) not notice a boom-boom sound. On
the other hand, it has been my experience that a post-
and-pier or "crawl space" condition where the
underside is not covered does in fact have that
booming sound.

Although expensive,a concrete over formdeck system
would eliminate this problem. We have done this on
several homes and it seems to work well.Your Engineer
will have to do the calc's. By combining light guage
with structural steel a floor framing system can
sustain the live and dead loads of 3 1/2" x 3500 psi.
Or you might consider a gyp-crete product over the
plywood subfloor.

The thermal question I cannnot answer as we do not
have those problems in Hawaii.

Problems with "steel framing"? You'll have to be more
specific. I can say that in the last seven or so years
much progress has been made in the steel frame
industry. You'll find the greatest problem would be in
finding reputable contractor's that have actually
built steel frame homes.

Good luck

Power Builders
Kevin Wolfley



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