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SUBJECT: RE: RE: installing fans in crawlspace
DATE: 7/8/1999 6:34:00 PM


I do not like the plenum idea especially if this space
has a dirt floor and even if it has a proper vapor
barrier on the floor. If you have airconditioning, the
musty smell that crawl spaces have in the summer will
be distributed thru the whole house. Per code
ventilation louvers are required although you can shut
them but unless you air tight seal them humid outside
air will mix in and and eventually raise humidity
levels. Even then the humidity will still increase. I
speak from experience, I live in large ranch entirely
on a crawl built in 1974. I do not have any water
problems but still get the musty smell. I have tried
louvers open in summer and presently I am trying them
closed this summer. The closed position has resulted in
lower crawl temperatures but humidity levels have risen
lately due to high humidity outside. Also, I am still
getting some condensation on the ducts located there.
Believe it or not the ducts were not insulated. The
issue of insulating ducts when perimeter insulation is
installed is a whole other discussion as is open
louvers or shut ones. If you search for info. on
recommendations on crawl space insulating and
ventilating you will find all kinds of conflicting
info. Basically after living 10 years plus with a crawl
space I have come to the conclusion that they are a big
pain in the neck and not just because of the
ventilatiom issue but also from a maintenance stand
point. Next time I will opt for a properly
waterproofed, reinforced, drained, insulated, and
backfilled basement.



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