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SUBJECT: RE: Advanced On-site Sewage Treatment System
DATE: 1/11/1999 2:27:00 PM


I am trying to develop stand-alone retirement communities in West Texas. My company is called Triple R Communities. Triple R stands for Renewable Resource Retirement. The concept is to build simple self-sustaining homes for people over 55 years old where as much as possible can be renewed. Even the homeowners themselves can help build more homes to offset the cost of retirement.
West Texas is energy poor so our roofs will be thin-film photovotaic metal roofs. Our walls will be SIP. We will be able to generate at least 10 times more electricity than we can use and will sell the excess to the existing "grid" to offset the cost of community operation and repay the cost of the roof.
I want some kind of renewable sewage treatment system. Water out west is at a premium. Farmers and Ranchers are having to go deeper than 1500 ft to get decent water. Some farmers can't grow certain crops anymore because of the rate of underground aquifer depletion as the population grows.
Retired persons typically don't use as much water as a family with kids. But they'd still like to have a green yard to play golf on. I would like to combine rainwater catchment with sewage treating landscaping in order to grow some vegetable gardens for the residents.



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