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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:47

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I have a roof on a timber frame using 4" nominal
panels clad both sides with OSB. Inside is clad with
drywall or paneling. Architectural shingles are
applied directly to the OSB on a 12/12 pitch. This
application was recommended by panel supplier and
shingle supplier four years ago. Now I have moisture
under the shingles severe enough to ruin the OSB
cladding. What is the most likely cause? Will a
vented roof modification eliminate the problem? Is a
2x2 inch strapping sufficient to permit venting? What
is the best method to repair the original OSB where it
has gotten wet and has to be removed? The north
facing roof seems to have a much more severe problem
than the south facing roof. The house is located in
Central Virginia.
Thanks for anyone who might have answers/suggestions!


Posted - 5 April 1999 15:26

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This sounds like a poor installation which has resulted in leakage of roof water. Check all penetrations (ie. plumbing vents, chimneys, roof vents, etc.) for proper flashing. Check roof/wall junctions for proper clearance (2" minimum). Look closer into why a moisture barrier between the OSB and shingles was not specified. If you cannot locate the exact location of your leak, a complete tear-off is recommended which should reveal more evidence as to the exact cause and correction.

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