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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:47

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I work for a Denver planning/consulting firm trying to gather some ideas about incorporating high-tech options into a housing community. I am looking for other projects or communities that have sucessfully integrated technology options for home-office use. If anyone knows about something about this, I would appreciate communicating with you. Thanks!


Posted - 25 November 1998 17:50

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If you are interested in high tech, energy efficient
building options, please visit our web page at:

In addition, Precision Panel Structures, Inc., recently
installed floor panels and wall panels on 2 - 1536
square foot homes in Lakewood Colorado. This is an
'In-fill' project with both houses sitting side by
side. The SIPs were installed on both houses on
November 13, 1998, and the houses can be seen by
driving west on Colfax (west from Mile High Stadium) to
Vrain Street. Turn right on Vrain and the houses are
at the intersection of 16th and Vrain. The projected
energy bills on these homes is about $45 to $50 per
month (each).

In addition to being energy efficient, SIP homes are
quieter (which would be an advantage to a home/office
community) and have a cleaner living environment (less
dust due to virtually eliminating air infiltration).

Contact me if you have any questions.
Drew McDaniel
208 - 939 - 2610 Phone
208 - 939 - 9905 Fax


Posted - 22 March 1999 22:13

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There is a new house going up in my neighborhood in a
small rural town. The business is for a shop making
mostly dental crowns. The building is shaped like a
duplex with half having the shop plus a 3 car garage.
the part with the house looks like any garageless
house. They are connected with an enclosed brezeway and
are plumbed such that the non house part can be
converted to a duplex for rental after retirement.

Dean Youngkeit
21 North 100 East
Willard, Utah 84340-0041
(435) 734-0681

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