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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:47

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Re-Manufacturing Homes

Existing manufactured homes that are single width
delivery units are not allowed on most private lots.
They must be at least 20 feet wide after assembly.
These units can be re- manufactured by cutting the
length into halfs or thirds, then setting the
parts parallel to each other over a basement or crawl
space sized for them. Steel frames can then be
Inside remodeling due to the cut will require interior
wall relocating. I assume that these factors will
provide re-usable materials to close the cut open ends.
Full span new trusses covering the whole new length or
width will convert it's appearance and structure toward
a stick built home which is much easier to mortgage at
the going rates.
The end product won't look like a manufactured
home as configuration for travel will not divide the
roof treusses.
If this is done locally where no state line is
crossed, will any HUD or FANNY MAE restriction be
violated? Could doing this for customers be a legal
business with local codes in compliance?
Dean Youngkeit
21 North 100 East
Willard, Utah 84340-0041

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