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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:47

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Mike Ritter, assistant director for
wood products research at the USDA?s
Forest Products Laboratory, told
attendees at the SIPA conference that
the Partnership for Advanced Technology
in Housing (PATH) office, a friend of
the SIP industry, was recently shut
down. Launched in 1998 with the support
of the National Association of Home
Builders, PATH?s mission was to speed
the spread of advanced residential
technology. The remaining funding for
this former public and private sector
partnership was moved over to HUD.
Is this due to no new ideas because
PATH has been passing the buck on that
subject? I have had the impression that
with new idea development there, PATH
accepts new ideas to maintain the
impression that they have the right to


Posted - 5 July 2001 12:50

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I believe you may have misunderstood
what Mike Ritter said. HUD set up an
office to coordinate PATH program
activities but decided to bring
coordination of the program back into
the Office of Policy Development and
Research which has had authority for
program funding and direction all along.
The PATH program is alive and well.
PATH R&D; activities taking place under
the leadership of NIST, the National
Science Foundation, and HUD itself.
PATH field evaluation and demonstration
projects are taking place with builders
in locations throughout the country.
PATH outreach to the building industry
is taking place through the ToolBase
website ( and to
consumers through the PATH web site
which will be updated in the very near
future. Over 100 firms participated
over the past year in Technology
Roadmapping for the PATH program. Those
roadmaps are now available by calling
the ToolBase Hotline at 1-800-898-2842.
In short, the program is alive and
well. The closing of the separate
office in Washington has had a positive
effect in allowing HUD to better
coordinate program activities with the
building industry.


Posted - 5 July 2001 13:16

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Thanks for the correction.

PATH is no longer the sponsor of the
nation's durability conference in
Madison in October.

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