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Posted - 1 June 2003 17:38

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Roof tiedowns 20 times stronger than hurricane straps result from whole house trusses.

Screwed attachment of sheathing, (floor, wall, & roof)makes more versatile factory made panels.

Safety without temporary braces results from factory made panels that need cranes rather than unprepared lower backs of people.

The new Fanny Mae money for low cost housing seems to be a liberal sponsored idea. Throwing money at a problem might ease some symptoms of homelessness for a short time, but it doesn't stimulate much circular rotation of the economy for a long term solution.
Real pursuit of low cost housing will re-implement shell houses, precast foundations, temporary modular extra bed & bath units, pay as you build housing, factory made assorted size gable ends, Garage fronts, wall dormers, roof dormers, prefabricated studless corner units, and whole house trusses that are not corner joined until floor, wall, and roof panels are in place. Real low cost housing will need at least 11% less energy with the same materials being used today.
The savings of 70% of the shell house walls’ dimensional lumber, while concurrently getting much more strength, will generate many old house replacements because the thresholds for justifying replacements are greatly lowered.
The whole world follows our example in building. but when government research and development dollars are thrown away by a strong union, ideas don't catch on. This has at least twice been identified as a fleecing of America by NBC News.

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