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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:47

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Hi. I am a student at the University of Georgia and
am working on a news letter that will go out to lower
to middle income families. This letter has to have
articles pertaining to energy and energy efficiency.
I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about new
inovations I could look up and where do I find them.
I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks.


Posted - 8 September 1999 17:42

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I am a developer in the city of Hartford, Ct.. I am
currently building 5 two family energy efficient homes
for the low income . For more information look under
Path technologies in Practice (my company Northern
Enterprise Home Mfg.)


Posted - 26 September 1999 11:36

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I am building a house and want to use the new paint that was developed to take the place of a plastic vapor barrier but I do not have the name of the paint. Could you help me?


Posted - 21 September 2000 11:59

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ICF houses are the most energy
efficient houses in existence. They can
easily reach R-values twice as high as
stick homes, depending on how many
windows you have. For more information
on ICFs and other concrete building
systems, visit

Mike Collignon
Webmaster of

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