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Posted - 12 January 2003 13:19

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I am a fourth year civil engineering student in the construction stream at the University of Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. I am currently performing research for my undergraduate thesis entitled "The viability of the premanufacturing process in new home construction in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)." What this entitles is developing an understanding of the processes as they exist in practice today and determining if they are feasible to implement in the GTA and what sort of modifications and adaptations of these systems may be required. My motives in completing this research at this time are for the educational purposes of completing my undergraduate degree, although further research is expected to continue for my graduate work in the following year, in a follow up graduate thesis. What I am looking for right now is contact information of someone whom I can speak with throughout the research process that can help me with questions that arise along the way. Any assistance you can offer me is greatly appreciated.


Posted - 15 February 2003 3:6

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If you are still looking for help on questions about manufactured housing, I am willing to try to be of some help. I am a small developer who has been meaning to market manufactured housing n California. I have followed the industry over the years and I have not been able to identify a modular or a manufactured home company selling in California with the design I want. I want to find homes with roof slopes greater than 4/12 which is all I could find right now. I have not found the reason why manufacturers or sellers in California do not provide such product. Does this have anything to do with the fact that we are in earthquake county? If not what are the reasons why this is so? This is one type of issue I would like to find an answer to. It is one big hurdle for the buyers I have in mind. Let me know if you are still interested in this research


Posted - 28 February 2003 11:48

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The NAHB union wants manufactured housing to have disdain to encourage buyers using their union members. The pitch of the roof is one easily recognizable feature. The final perimeter shape is another. You are right!, the public has disdain for manufactured homes because the rich contractors' union wants it that way.

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