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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:48

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We, at Automation Electronics, Inc., have specific
energy management systems for hotels and residences
which include:

Energy management of each room (electrical, water,
HVAC) through our electronic systems
UltraValve®, an electronically controlled water mixing
valve for the shower and spa which can deliver greater
profits through savings in energy and water and
maintains the user-selected temperature and displays
the setting on an attractive, easy to read L.E.D.
display. UltraValve® also offers triple anti-scald
protection: pressure balance, electronic thermostatic
and a mechanical fail-safe anti-scald cartridge.
Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature displays are
An interfacing portal for guest to hotel Intranet
Systems, the Internet, and have instant networking of
rooms through our Telecenter®.
Telecenter® communications system with built-in
486-based computer and secure credit card swipe for
instant in-room ability to pay for hotel and related
Ability through our electronic system to sense
occupancy in a room for more efficient housekeeping
scheduling, through our scheduling software.
Ability through PowerHawk® to sub-meter utility
companies for ease of changing energy companies when
de-regulation enables large-use clients to purchase
energy from differing sources.

With increasing energy costs, and future restrictions
on the amounts of water that can be used, management of
these costs in the hospitality setting means a more
efficient operation. Each of these services can and
will save you, and your clients tremendous amounts of
much needed cash over the years of the hotels'


W. James Boyer, Principal


Posted - 11 January 1999 13:34

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I will eventually build solar-powered retirement communities in West Texas. I want to use SIP, GeoThermal/Radiant heating and cooling, fiber-optic lighting, and encourage the residents to drive slow-moving electric vehicles to visit their friends around the corner.
Your Idea may be applicable to mine.

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