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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:48

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Insert new message here...As Quality Control Manager, Inspector and Trainer
I am always looking to update our
standards and quality assurance.Any
references or guidance would be greatly


Posted - 24 March 2000 13:32

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Quality results in durability. Anyone in
the new home building market will get a
head start if they adopt the 2004
building code for durability now.
The code will include:

1.All outer wall studs connected with
truss plates.
2.All structural sheathing attached
with screws. screws are now available
with strips for strip gun
3.Prime lateral load outer wall
sheathing will be directly under the
4.All shell drywall attached before
interior walls are started.

Local contractors will find that larger
than truss subassemblies will slowly
become available at truss
factories using the CAM part of CAD CAM
Dean Youngkeit
21 North 100 East
Willard, Utah 84340-0041
(435)734-0681 See all links at:


Posted - 30 March 2000 11:12

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A broad variety of residential
construction quality assurance topics
are addressed on our web site at , including many
articles, links, and quality resources.

You can get detailed information on
specific quality topics by calling the
free ToolBase Hotline at 800-898-2842.
Topics include ISO 9000, customer
satisfaction surveys, partnering, and
total quality.

If you have a particular interest in a
topic I may be able to point you the
sources that may interest you.

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