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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:48

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What's the tradeoff between flexible gas piping vs. black steel? I understand flexible gas piping takes less time to install, but the cost per foot is so much greater than black steel. Is there a point when sticking with black steel pipe is more cost-effective?


Posted - 21 January 1999 12:19

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Insert new message here... There are distinct
advantages over black pipe, price withstanding...
1. Much less labor
2. Code requries an "inspection" port at any joint
(coupler, elbow, union, etc.) making 'finishing' a
basement ceiling, for example, non-code compliant if
the gas piping is run through basement ceiling
joists. With the flex. gas tubing, there is only a
fitting at each end - one at the appliance, one at the
shutoff valve, leave each "open" to inspection and
compliance is no problem.
3. The tubing can be run through joists, around
corners, up and over obstructions, concealed (except
for terminal fittings) so much easier and cleaner than
cutting, threading, fitting, etc. than black pipe.

Once it's properly sized per run length and Btu
requirement, it can be quite easy to work with.

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