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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:48

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My husband and I are getting ready to build a new
home in Central California. Bakersfield. The house
will be 2600 sq. ft. one story.
We are looking for ways to improve the insulation,
and to keep down energy costs and usage, without
spending a fortune to do it.
If anyone can help us we would be most greatful!
We would especially like info on Whole House Fans,
Different types of insulation, (has anyone heard of
foam in insulation for the whole house?) and
different ways to inprove energy savings, best type of
windows for a mainly hot sunny area. (Although we did
have snow last winter!)
I must say that I am having a very difficult time
finding any info on any of this stuff.


Posted - 7 September 1999 21:38

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I am working on a project for school that is dealing
with spray foam insulation. I haven't done any
research yet but it sounds really neat. Try these
sites and see if they have what you are looking for.
National Insulation Association
Icynene, Inc.
Corpond Corporation

Hope they are helpful.


Posted - 2 May 2000 0:31

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Shiela -
Contact Lee Richardson with Greenstone
Industries @ 916- 354-8818. Ask him
about the Engineered for LifeTM program
where your Heating and Cooling Costs
are guaranteed by incorporating a
systems approach to your new home. It
takes more than insulation to make your
home work or to be Healthy & Safe,
Durable, Comfortable and Energy
Efficient. Especially in a Hot climate
you are building. I am sure you would
like them all and you can.....with out
a penalty from a cost stand point. You
can call my office and get information
as well @ 877-335-4687 and ask Tammy to
send you out the information. Lee would
know local Certified contractors that
could help you out.
Feel free to email me with any further

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