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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:48

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Two story home. New. Never lived in.
Upstairs bath water pipe broke and in
excess of 7,000 gallons of water poured
over upstairs bedroom and bath, through
the floor and down into the kitchen and
family room. The upstairs bedroom and
bath floor is supported via floor truss.
The floor will need replacement
including the portion under the outside
wall plate. Any ideas as to how to
support the second story while sections
of the sole plate are removed and
replaced. We are currently considering
the use of spread footings on the floor
and ceiling with expansion tube jacks
supporting the roof while work is in
progress. This would be accomplished by
removing ten foot sections of the
outisde wall plate, inserting the new
flooring panel and then a new plate. Any
ideas? Comments very appreciated.


Posted - 24 January 2000 22:56

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I can't help you in your dilemma, but I
can give recomendations so that it won't
happen again to someone else. The use of
Truss Framed Construction as described
in U.S. patent #4,005,556 will not have
that sheathing under the sole plate
because there is none. This orphaned
process provides a much more durable and
lower cost home. Too bad the builders
are doing it the way it's always been
done. see:

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