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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:48

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i am currently in the planning stage of a dome home for
a client and we are considering a precast foundation
wall system . has anyone used a precast system for a
dome? and what was your degree of success? any special
considerations u could pass on to us! thanx and look
forward to talking with u?


Posted - 15 March 1999 12:58

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I would not live in a concrete home in an earthquake
zone unless it is a structural geodesic dome. It is
shape optimized for:
most strength......
best gravity fed HVAC.......
least insulation cost......
least cost of materials......
A set of equal 5 sided equilateral polygons would fit
together to form the shell. Thus the supplier of the
components needs to make one casting tool for the
segments. The membrane of the shell can be radiused so
that no flat surface is on the skin. Any circular
window or skylight should be centered on a polygon to
minimize the strength reduction caused by the opening.
There are few options for insulation. The best would be
precast foam polygon shell units with the mold having
an inside radius matching the outside radius of the
concrete polygons. Contact me at the above address for
Dean Youngkeit

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