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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:48

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I once had a course (1996) in which we studied a
research project called "Griffin One". It was a
residential research project that developed a very
cost-effective and interesting home. I cannot find any
information on the Griffin One. I am hoping that
whoever gets this message can help me find the
research project.



Posted - 2 January 2000 20:47

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You've made me curious enough to search. I can't find
it either. What school or organization had the research


Posted - 5 January 2000 15:32

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Matt, you can order a video of this project from the
Pacific Energy Center from PG&E; (Pacific Gas &
Electric) See: and look
under the Architecture Heading. You will have to call
PG&E; to get more information. I hope this helps!


Posted - 1 March 2000 13:9

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The project was done in the mid 80's at
Purdue as a joint research project
between a number of faculty and
industry partners including the Indiana
Department of Commerse. I was the
graduate student responsible for the
evaluation of the effort. Steve Easley
(no longer at Purdue) and Joe Pearson
(retired from Purdue) were the PI's.
From the project a video series, a
detailed set of plans and a final
report were issued as well as my
master's thesis. The thesis should be
available from the Purdue Libraries and
the other items should be available
from the Purdue Research Foundation,
both under the Griffin One Title. In
addition, we wrote an article which
appeared in ASES's Solar Today magazine
in the last year (sorry I don't have
the exact issue). Each month we have
an article in Solar Today featuring
solar homes and buildings similiar to
Griffin One. In addition, other
examples can be found at
I think that the PG&E; reference to the
video tape is just available in their
library because this information was
copyrighted by Purdue.

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