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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:48

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My company is currently developing an interactive
phone. The phone incorporates all of the features of a
standard phone (Call waiting, voice mail, etc.) with
the Internet (including e-mail, web access (dial-up or
network-based) and, in the near future, fax).

We are looking at the real estate development market as
a possible niche for the phone. In the past few
months, it has been made known to us that a trend (how
pronounced, we still don't know) is starting within the
real estate development market for "smart" communities,
i.e., master-planned communities or multifamily REITs
tied together by a network (Ethernet at present, though
HomePNA will likely alter this to some extent).

Just wondering how much of this anyone has seen.

I would also appreciate very much any insight anyone
can give into this trend for high-tech housing
communities (be they master-planned communities,
multifamily REITs, or whatever). A trend that will
last? Or is it simply a small phenomenon that will
quickly fade?



Posted - 25 March 1999 18:4

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Parks Associates is a Dallas-based company that
researches emerging technologies for the home. We have
recently completed a report titled "The Community
Intranet" that details "wired" communities across the
US. Our analyst, Brian Canny, is the researcher behind
this project.

Please call 972-490-1113 for more information

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