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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:48

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My agency administers housing rehab as
well as recycling/solid waste
management programs. We are currently
trying to rehabilitate a house using
environmentally responsible
technologies & products. My questions:
1. Considering our goal to rehab in an
environmentally responsible way, is
metal roofing the best option?
2. Considering our goal, is fiber
cement siding a good choice?
3. What about interior and exterior
doors? What are good options
considering our goal?
All comments greatly appreciated.
Marie DeVries
East Central Iowa Council of Governments


Posted - 19 July 2001 2:40

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I consider no housing rehabilitated
without bringing insulation, and other
energy related components within code
standards for new structures. All 3
candidate materials in your questions
are questionable. 1. Can a metal roof
be fastened well to rotten sub roofing?
2. Cement/fiber siding is good if the
fiber in it is not asbestos like in the
50 years ago cement/fiber siding. 3.
Interior and exterior doors should
follow the fire resistance and exterior
door insulation codes for Condos or
whatever they are. Your questions are
better answered by HUD than by PATH.
They set the minimum codes for rehab
rental housing

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