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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:48

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I am interested in the reliability and repair history of the new front load (horizontas axis) clothes washers. I have just read that the Matag , with its tipped tub may have some reliability problems.


Posted - 1 February 1999 8:52

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Please take a look at the Technology Entry at: for
more information. Also, you can call HomeBase at:
1-800-898-2842 for further information.


Posted - 10 March 1999 11:19

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Hi Maggie

My wife and I had the same question. There is some info on front-load washers at soory dont know if this site will answer your question or not-but would like to know of usefull sources you identify.



Posted - 23 March 1999 18:23

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Havent had any problems with my 6 mo old Maytag
Neptune its Great!


Posted - 16 April 1999 12:8

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Insert new message here...Try Consumer Reports. Their
washing machine ratings include front loaders.

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