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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:48

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I applaud Mr. Heberer's efforts to shed
light on the truth about CCA pressure
treated wood. The Home Builders strong
support of plastics and steel, and its
repetitive jabs at the lumber industry
make me wonder if NHBA only touts those
products whose industries bankroll
their association? If not, what is
their agenda in casting aspersion on
the quality, duarability, and
availability of lumber? Also, aren't
EPA approval and innumerable
independent studies presenting evidence
about the safety of CCA treated wood
One third of the SYP imported into
Europe between January and September
1999 was treated, yet the Home
Builders Association magnifies
Europeans' fears aobut the safety of
CCA wood to discourage its application
in the US. Go figure.


Posted - 20 February 2003 14:42

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I trust the Canadian builders "research" because it isn't tainted with NAHB union prejudiced "findings"

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