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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:48

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We are installing SIPs on our timber frame home. What
roofing has worked best for others? What avoidable
problems have been experienced with the wall and roof
panels? We have a contractor putting on the panels who
makes his living doing this. He has put roofing on the
roof panels (on other jobs)in the same way as a
conventional roof. That worries me. Do any of you
have war stories you would share about this process? I
found one message that referenced an earlier message on
this subject, but I was unable to find the first
message. Any thoughts on this would be greatly


Posted - 20 February 2003 14:35

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Any bond joint of wood with any foam will deteoriate with time and moisture. Neither will happen if the panels copy the Nascor Canadian optimized framing system. It has the sheathing and the foam with mechanical fasteners to studs thus backing up the glue and tightly reducing moisture penetration.

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