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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:47

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It is my goal to become one of the best residential homebuilders in the nation. My focus will be in Hartford CT. I will be contacting those selected for the PATH Technologies in Practice section shortly to seek input. Please feel free to examine our practice under Northern Enterprise Home Mfg.


Posted - 3 June 1999 20:47

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Dear Krish,
Becoming the "best" depends on what you choose as the
best contributers to PATH's T.I.P. Some concepts may
seem good, but turn around and "bite" you.
1Structural Insulated Pannels, (SIP) are rotting and
delaminating in damp parts of the country. It's
extremely costly to replace them.
2The glue in making waferboard has been linked to the
"new house allergy" or disease. Place your vapor barier
just under the dry wall, not on the outside, and put
poly film under the carpet pad to limit vapor
3 Trusses that have been well engineered for strength
and durability may loose half their planned strength
just by untrained man handling twisting the plates
loose. Uprighting roof trusses by crane while they are
banded together greatly reduces this problem.

Good Luck. Choose your "best technologies in practice"

Dean Youngkeit
21 North 100 East
Willard, Utah 84340-0041



Posted - 5 June 1999 5:13

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Thanks for the tips Dean. Never would have known about
the truss handling issue. Really committed to
providing the best product and need more input like

In my area we are replacing housing stock built around
the 1900-1920. These builders utilized the best
technology available to them at that time.

Question: How do we take the many advances we have
made and use them to argue the debate, to build new or
to rehab and remain historically popular?

If all new construction builders echo the same message
in this arguement, we will be able to provide
healthier, cost effective solutions to what I percieve
as a real issue here in Hartford.


Posted - 5 June 1999 14:30

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Dear Krish,
See truss collapse horror stories @:

Generic Modular roof pre assembly at a factory will
allow you to safely lift them with a crane, 12 ft
sections of the roof at a time. These will have 2/3 of
the sheathing applied and leave only 1/3 of the
sheathing to stitch the segments together during final
site assembly.
Dean Youngkeit
21 North 100 East
Willard, Utah 84340-0041


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