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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:47

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If a 15X60 house trailer were cut in
half to form 2 15X30 pieces, then
joined to be a 30 ft square, it would
be an optimum shaped home for 900
square feet. It would then have a
suitable depth and would become legal
for a private lot in most communities.
The square foundation would have a 120
ft periphery. The original rectangle
foundation would need a 270 ft
periphery. You not only save over 65%
of the foundation wall costs and
without changing the insulation media,
save over 65% of the heat lost through
the outside wall for the new life of
the house. It gets a whole new
trussed roof partially made from
salvaged studs, and becomes mortgage
friendly. It's worth the re
arrangements, But is anyone in the
business of doing this?

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