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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:47

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After undergoing 23 years of extensive
research, development and testing this
unbelievable product is now available to
solve your painting problems.

ENERCHRON V-40® (, a
new type of interior/exterior building
coating proven to be long lasting,
energy efficient, graffiti and water
resistant, fire retardant, and
environmentally safe.

In Government tests it was reported that
ENERCHRON® cut HVAC run time by 50% to
100% when applied to exterior building
surfaces. It is able to keep exterior
surface temperatures to just a few
degrees above air temperatures. In
essence, coating with ENERCHRON® is like
putting a building in the shade.
Maintenance costs are greatly reduced
because it completely shields surfaces
from the sun and the damaging effects of
thermal shock. Rooftop HVAC units coated
with this material have seen 20 to 60
percent increases in cold air
performance, which reduces cycle time
and extends unit life.

To date, there are buildings coated with
ENERCHRON® 11 years ago, which still
look freshly painted. This is one more
important benefit to the environment
because by reducing repetitive painting
over the years, means less VOC's are
emitted into the environment. In tests
by the California South Coast Air
Quality Management District it was
reported that ENERCHRON®'s VOC's were
rated 60 g/l, which means it is 4.2
times less toxic than typical latex
house paint.

ENERCHRON® has increased lighting
efficiency by 35% and customers claim
that they "don’t need any interior
lighting during the day at all".
Indelible marker, spray paint, grease,
crayons, dirt and more can be washed off
walls with a nylon scrub pad and soap
and water. ENERCHRON® is Class "A" fire
retardant coating. It carbonizes at
2500°F and could make the difference
between saving or losing a building in a

It is applied like regular paint and can
be used on interior, exterior walls and
roof surfaces. ENERCHRON® is priced
competitively with latex house paint at
equal dry film thickness levels.

For more information, contact Helios
Energy Products, Inc., P.O. Box 9
Diamond Springs,


Posted - 25 June 2000 1:36

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I am interested in your product, please
send information to my e mail
best regards, dale brisson


Posted - 13 July 2000 16:30

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Unbelievable is correct.
A typical Manual J heat load for an
isulated wall shows that the walls
contribution to the entire heat load is
under 15%. If the product total
eliminated heat entering through the
wall the energy benefit MAX is less
than 15%.
The benefits of coating an
airconditioner are even more laughable.


Posted - 16 August 2000 23:26

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Dear Lynn:

We have 12 years of testing and proof of
ENERCHRON's performance. What this
product is able to do is reduce exterior
surface temps. to a constant level of
just 3 to 15 degrees F. above outside
air temp., without gain due to normal
surface dirt buildup. This can be as
much as an 80 degrees. F. drop in
overall delta T to the wall and roof
(depending on location). As you know by
dropping the delta T that much of a
building or AC unit envelope will
greatly effect temp. gain.

On rooftop HAVC units we have reduced
total supply and return air temps a
total of 7 to 15 degrees F. by dropping
the delta T of the units housing. The
temp. across the coil will remain the
same. What happens is that the temp.
curve of the coil drops, which has
increased the cold air performance of
the units from 20% to 60%.

I can understand your point of view
Lynn, but it really works. I would be
happy to provide you or anyone with test
docs. s

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