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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:48

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I saw this system on Home Again last weekend and was
impressed. I am going to be building a house in about
a year which will have a full basement. This is rare
out in AZ. But I am originially from N. Dakota where
it is unusual not to have a basement. Anyways, I was
wondering do you know a supplier out in my area? If
so, how do I contact they. If not, what would the
shipping run for something like this? My basement
will be about 1350 s.f. Thanks for any help. Melissa


Posted - 18 March 1999 17:28

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See the write-up entitled:
Precast Concrete Foundation Panels

There are some other manufacturers of pre-cast panels other than Superior Walls, I don't know names offhand. The association contacts listed at the end of the write-up might have names.


Posted - 20 February 2003 14:49

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Your basement can easily be connected with underground large diameter pipe that goes to minaret type round chimney towers that provide air cooling via natural draft energy air movement.

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