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Posted - 20 December 2002 10:48

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I am interested to import complete
steel framed houses (single 1 or 2-
story)in Eastern Europe.
heavy or light gauge structure?
Pre-manufactured or not ? cost
comparison ?
Fiber glass or mineral Isolation ?
How much could be the export price per
sqft for complete structure, walls and
roof ? and for a full affordable House?
Wating for your advice. Marius


Posted - 20 September 2000 1:52

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Your desire for cost savings via factory
automation is correct if you lived here.
Your local labor
force should be factory trained to do it
A Canadian technical study concludes
that steel is not environmentally
Trees for wood can be competive in cost
with steel if the forest management
system is up to par.
Look up the U.S. manufactured housing
market's prediction of things to come in
that industry.See:
l Steel is not a part of
it. They have demonstrated rail boxcar
type components that are to be stacked,
then covered with roof panels that look
nearly complete.
The Japanese build finished panels and
posts that hook together like bed rails
to end panels. This is good for an
earthquake zone where lumber is scarce.
Another thought:: Build a portable truss
factory that can be airlifted to remote
sites. Plan on using this factory in
much the same way that M.A.S.H.(yes, the
TV one)hospitals save people. Save and
build housing for the needy. Part of
your portable factory would be a steel
stud maker that unwinds tightly rolled
steel then folds and punches the
parts on site. A change of the dies will
convert the machine to an aluminum
siding machine.

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