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You may input data and see the View Costs page for your home without signing in.  However, in order to save your data and see the Comparison page, you must sign in first.

In the upper right corner, Sign In to retrieve your previously saved data or click New User to create a free account so you can save your data and retrieve it the next time you visit the site.

Complete the following questions about your house

Area of house (sq.ft.) Type of house Roof Slope Above ground floors
Interest Rate %
Zip Code Garage Doors Windows

Press Continue to determine the roof and siding area of your house.


Data Entry Help

What kind of structure is your house?

A detached house is a free standing home. A townhouse is a home that shares walls with two other homes. An end unit or duplex only shares one exterior wall with another structure.

What is the area of your house?

Area is the total floor square footage of the finished and unfinished space of your home.

What is your zip code?

5 digit zip code used to determine construction costs.

What is the interest rate on your mortgage(%)?

Interest rate is used for financial calculations. If you do not have a mortgage, estimate the rate at which you would borrow money.