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What matters more: purchase and installation cost, absolute durability or lowest yearly cost?

Welcome to DurabilityDoctor!

Durability is an important factor to consider when you replace or improve roofing, siding, garage doors or windows.

DurabilityDoctor helps you understand the value durable components add.

Specify Your House

To perform a durability analysis, DurabilityDoctor needs to know details about your house. Enter them here.


Compare Results

Review a summary about cost vs. increased durability for your home.


View Costs

After you specify your house information, you may view the typical annualized costs for four key components of your house.


Is your house Durable?

Check to see if you could save money by choosing durable alternatives for your home.

Follow these three easy steps

Step 1. Provide information about your house.

Step 2. View durability and costs.

Step 3. Compare annualized costs and print analysis.