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In your search for a new home, you may be considering homes recently constructed as well as others that have been around for awhile. Who knows? Maybe a 50 year old split level, ranch, or Cape Cod. Maybe a 100 year old Victorian. But whether you build a new home or buy one that has piqued the interest of your local historical society, do your homework to make sure you aren't getting a drafty or unsafe house - unless, of course, your plan is to remodel.

This section explains what homes today should offer you. You have a right to expect a house to be a quality, healthy, and energy-efficient retreat for your family. It should be more than just a roof over your head.

Healthy Homes: Many buildings, including homes, make their occupants sick. But this doesn't have to be the case, especially if you know what to avoid from the beginning.

Energy Efficiency: Increased comfort and lower utility bills. This is the promise of an energy-efficient home. Sound good?

Durability: Nobody wants to spend all their free time on home maintenance, especially in a new home. The tips here will help you get your as-close-as-possible-to-a-maintenance-free home so that you can enjoy your weekends.

Green Building: The pinnacle of homeownership. A green home is healthy for both your family and the planet, and should have lower maintenance requirements and energy bills.

Most Useful Resources, outside of PATH, on all aspects of quality building.

Content updated on 2/27/2007

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