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Building Better, Selling Smarter

"Serving the mulitcultural market involves...

...more than hiring bilingual sales agents and translating a few documents. It means understanding that different cultures want strikingly different styles of housing."
-- Fernando Pages Ruiz, Owner, Brighton Construction

Building Systems Spotlight

Wind-Resistant Openings
Bundle for quality. Bundle to make it easy. Just bundle.
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Tech Set solutions.
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If You Aren't Selling It...'re giving it away. Some useful sales tools:
GPS-Enabled Land Development Tools ensure that the site-grading process goes smoothly and getting it right the first time keeps your customers' costs on an even keel.
Top 10 Technologies
Top 10 Techniques
PATH for Homeowners

Choose "Green" When Building

Incorporate green techniques into your next project!

For a good example of green building in practice,
read Code Change Lowers Hurdles for SIPs, Green Building.

Field Log

In Enid, OK a gamble on a hot technology brings cool profits down the road.
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Bringing the Team Along

It takes a little juggling of subs' schedules, but this Georgia builder pulls it off for the stand-out quality he gets by using decorative concrete floors.

Liberty Village

From the Technology Inventory

Homebuyer's top priorities are found underfoot with wood flooring options made from rapidly-renewable species.
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Why You Need the PATH Partner Program

If you are reading this page, you care about quality building. So your success is our success.
Here's how we can help.

PATH welcomes our newest partners:

GreenBuilt Construction, Inc.

What kind of production builder innovates?

We're beginning to get the picture. See PATH's new report outlining the characteristics of innovators in this sector.

PATH Issues

Benefit from improving the affordability, disaster resistance, durability, health, energy-efficiency and quality of your homes.

Content updated on 5/15/2008

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