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Technology Stories: PATH in Practice

Many contractors incorporate new technologies through PATH's Field Evaluations and Demonstration Sites, but many other forward-thinking contractors independently incorporate cutting-edge technologies and practices into their work.

These contractors might use energy-efficient technologies, while others enhance the quality of the homes they build by using the National Construction Goals. Some may have developed unique relationships with housing developers to incorporate new technologies, while others show extraordinary pride in workmanship. PATH salutes these builders and wants to help the whole housing industry-especially homebuyers-know who they are.

PATH has tracked builders through a variety of sources: some are brought to PATH's attention by Field Evaluation and Demonstration Site staff; some are already PATH partners; others simply let PATH know about the great work they do on their own. PATH hopes to develop a list of builders who are adopting new technologies for every state, describing their activities and inspiration.

Venice, Florida
The panelized housing system developed by Brian Bishop of Home Front, Inc. gives homeowners the durability of a non-wood exterior system, the energy efficiency of full thickness foam insulation, and the lower cost of a panelized system that erects quickly without the need for heavy-lifting equipment.

Lubbock, Texas
The city of Lubbock has become a leader in building some of America's most energy efficient homes as part of their Community Development Program.

Dunrite Construction, Inc.
The Rolling Meadows Subdivision in Dover, Delaware overseen by Paul Keely of Dunrite Construction, Inc. is increasing the energy efficiency of their traditional wood framed homes to provide "Gede Performance Home" energy warranty.

Carl Franklin Homes Kensington Park
In an unusual marriage of advanced technology and affordability, Carl Franklin Homes is constructing highly efficient, durable homes for entry-level workforce buyers in the Dallas area.

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PATH wants to know when builders use the PATH technologies in the Technology Inventory and about other good work by builders in the areas of affordability, quality, energy-efficiency, environmental impact, hazard mitigation, or labor safety. Builders can submit their stories to PATH on-line.

Product manufacturers and trade associations also are welcome to submit names of builders with whom they have worked well or that have satisfied a product-specific training or certification program.

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